Delivering on Agreements Since 1970

PRESCOR is family owned and operated since 1969.

Incorporated 12-16-1969, PRESCOR, has been going full-blast since Spring of 1970.

At our facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our hydraulic presses hot form steel discs into tank heads up to 8 feet in diameter, of thickness from 1/4" to 6" (depending on the size). 

The discs are cut first from large plates of steel into precise circles by automatically-controlled torches.  They are placed in furnaces and heated above 1650 degress Fahrenheit - two thirds of an hour per inch of thickness.

Now above the normalizing range, the discs are ready to be moved to a  press where they are formed to the customer's specifications.

Following cooling and any required heat-treat, all heads are properly cleaned, and the edges are prepared to provide an ideal welding surface.



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