Half a century of tank head know-how on your side.

We specialize in ASME 2:1 one piece construction elliptical heads and weld on caps. We also manufacture dished only, hemispherical, flanged only and flanged & dished heads.

Elliptical Heads

Ideally suited for medium pressure tanks, 2:1 Elliptical Tank Heads are an economical choice.

Hemispherical Heads

For higher pressure vessel environments, Hemispherical Heads are your best choice.

Other quality products

We provide Flanged and Dished, Flanged Only, and Dished Only tank heads in many sizes.

How we form tank heads

Carbon steel heads are fully formed above 1650°F, then allowed to cool and normalize.  Chrome alloy steels are formed at higher temperatures. The original plate mill heat treat cycles are repeated to restore the plate to its original condition. Stainless steel and most high-nickel alloys are formed at even higher temperatures, then immediately annealed and quenched ("solution annealed").

All heads are hot-formed, seamless, and descaled (Note: We can shot blast for carbon and low-chrome alloys, sand blast for stainless steels, high-nickel alloys, and some "exotic" plates ask customer service for prices).

Our hydraulic presses form hot steel discs into heads up to 8 feet in diameter and thicknesses from 1/4” to 6” (depending on the size).

We’re ready to help with your next pressure vessel head project.